A Glamour/Portrait Session in Bangkok

Here is another photo of our model Sweetlana this time using a black and white treatment. My initial vision for this particular photo is to be able to convey a “Bedtime Glamour” look.

Glamour Portrait of Russian Model Sweetlana Chumakova
Here is a Glamour/Portrait shot of Russian Model Sweetlana Chumakova. The shot was taken using two flashes one behind the models right added with gel to balance the color of the hair or rim light. And another light was place on the models front left and attached to a beauty dish. Then the photo was composited and added to an artwork to illustrate an artsy atmosphere.

Glamour Portrait Bangkok
Photographer: Jose Tan
Model: Sweetlana Chumakova
MUA: Dianna Santiago
Studio: Jose Tan Studio Bangkok

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